The Latest About Rc Car Motors

The wooden platform just has to be around the magnitude of an A5 sheet (could be say around 10cm by 15 cm which is not the standard A5 size). Fix the two electric motors on the tip with their rotating shafts pointing outward from the platform. You can use quick-fix, nails or anything you like to make sure they don’t move from their positions.

Fiat India and Tata Motors had merged their forty seven dealers and hundred dealers all over the country in the year 2007. Now presently, the joint power of this merged group is one hundred and seventy five dealers. This strength is further expected to grow up to two hundred till the end of fiscal year. According to the industry sources, Fiat Motors is, once again, giving a serious thought to its strategy, particularly for the auto market of India. This time the company is focusing on points like how to ramp up its sales in the Indian domestic market. It is a major as well as clear fact now that the automobile industry of India is growing at a high pace and its sales are touching heights of success with each progressive month. One of the best feature of the Indian car market is that almost each auto maker is benefitting and therefore, it is registering its growth in double digit.

Although, it is also true that in the present year, the sales of Fiat Motors in India haven’t picked up much. In fact, the company had made plans for selling around four thousand units of its products which included the Fiat Punto and also the Fiat Linea. But unfortunately, the company was not able to sell even half of its set target of sale for its products and also that, besides having a time of high market sales.

Fix the batteries somewhere toward the front (exact position could be different from the picture) in such a way that the platform has nearly equal distribution of weight in order that it doesn’t tilt in either direction when placed in water. You might have to experiment a bit with this and use your intuition/common sense.

The wiring for the two motors has to be fixed; I have used different colors to demonstrate to the wiring for both motors. The thick black lead which comes outside the platform toward the remote control actually depicts that all four wires have been wound together using cello tape for the interests of smoothness. The four wires are attached to two on-off switches on the remote control, which could be just a sheet of cardboard or whatever you like.

Fix the propellers onto the motors. These could either be removed from any old motor boat toys that you have. You can use any fan type object which has a small hole of insertion into the motor shaft. You might have to struggle around a bit with this. However, then that’s DIY is all about – learning by doing.

Lift the boat in the atmosphere and check for the function of both motors, one by one. Then, place the boat in the bath of water. You can turn on both motors and the boat should go straight if you have fixed both propellers at appropriate distances from the center. When you switch off either of the motors, the boat takes either a left turn or a right turn depending on your position.

You can make an addition by making the motors turn both ways by using three-way switches and an extra wire for each motor, so that you will be able also reverse your boat, but I leave it to you to decide, and apply the same.

This might appear to be a bit of a difficult task, but I can tell you that once you complete it successfully, not only will you enjoy watching your own boat go around in water, it would be a big boost to your confidence as well, and maybe that is one of the primary goals of learning skills.


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